Harlequin Fish

12″ x 12″

Layered papers with cut outs. 

Made with a fiery palette using a grid pattern over glitter paper. My cubist fish is featured here as the central figurative element.


4 paper quilt squares of 12″ x 12″ each
Framed piece is 25” inches square

Tissue and handmade paper on canvas with multi colored glitter. 

The four squares represent different depths of the ocean, from the kelp bed to the surface, to the deep, dark blue depths. Each square is composed using diamond shaped pieces. The detail provides a closeup of the materials used. It features the diamond on top right, which represents the glittery surface of the ocean.

Fish Playing in Waves

12″ x 12″

Mixed woven papers and beads

A cubist fish and frolics in the waves with a more naturalistic specimen in this mixed media piece, which is constructed of woven papers instead of the usual patchwork. Beads on the surface add depth and can be seen as bubbles. The two fish are traced on acetone and superimposed on the background environment.


12″ x 12″

Mixed paper quilt square with fish. 

This quilt square is constructed on a square grid made up of silvers, whites, blues, and grays evoking the hard surfaces of asphalt and machine. The perched cubist fish in the middle is positioned in a pose of pent up energy, like a motorcycle about to take-off. I was thinking of speed and movement on a hard surface.

Green Wave

12″ x 12″

Mixed paper quilt made on a square grid with construction paper overlay, with two cubist fish playing in waves. Emphasizing materials and design rather than thematic content, this is a three dimensional experiment with various reflective and matt surfaces. There is a jarring juxtaposition of a tight square grid and an extravagant “cast iron” overlay that culminates in a rolled “wave.”

For Kathy

12″ x 12″

Mixed paper quilt square with framed mesh mini- squares, mixed papers, and glitter, with a central, leaping fish figure. I made this as a gift for my college roommate, Kathy. The design is based on a sweatshirt she gave me many years ago, but mostly I was aiming for providing a pleasing composition with fun colors.

Sea Life

12″ x 12″

An underwater scene through a circular window within a mirrored square, with mixed media and colored pencil triangles, featuring an abstracted seahorse and underwater plant figures. Made for Adriana.

Playing with Fish

12″ x 12″

This piece is built as a four square, like shiny children’s blocks, each containing fanciful fish. The black background is covered with active fish and colors, although there is a slight mist toning down the colored diamonds. Made during quarantine for some cheer and color.