A little info about me & my art:

As an art history major who has spent most of my life in the performing arts world, I have been privileged to travel world cultures through their great works of art, and colors and themes from those experiences often surface in my own work. I return time and again to visions of landscapes, the rhythms of jazz, creatures of the sea, and flowers. I enjoy working on a small scale, influenced by an early fascination with miniatures and dollmaking. I draw constantly; I am known for my doodling with ballpoint pen on lined paper margins. Beadwork has been a passion for over 25 years and folk art is a  frequent source of inspiration, especially quilts and stained glass. Hence, my work follows a design aesthetic of piecing and placing shapes and colors like puzzle pieces in constructed environments.

My Work

Lately I’ve been making  “paper quilts” in 12 inch square frames, using assembled geometric paper shapes. Using collage techniques, I find that tissue paper dissolves together nicely into interesting blended colors, and I have a lot of fun with reflective surfaces. I build complex layers using various papers, photos, mirrors, beads, feathers, leaves, tulle fabric, screening, packing foam, textured with glitter glue, metallic markers and colored pencils. Many of these mini-environments carry a narrative and become “homes” for doodle work figures: a fish, a swirly mandala; a flora/fauna “suffragette” character with a child; a seahorse, and a sea dragon are old friends.

Personal & Career

A Bay Area native, I studied Art History at UCLA and hold a masters degree in Arts Administration from NYU. My career ‘til now has been spent  in performing arts presenting organizations. I have two wonderful daughters whose passions for theater and aquatic life influence my thinking about the world.

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