In this year of change, making art and sharing my observations help to create a calm center and illustrate quiet acts of strength as a response to the chaotic world around. I am inspired by nature, folk art, color, and shiny things. Oftentimes, work evolves from complex doodles, and each  12” paper quilt square piece is assembled like a multilayered puzzle from paper, foil, fabric, found materials and pen drawings. Every square has a story, and I invite you to look through the gallery “Artworks” menu item and visit my blog “LA Art Notes” menu item to join me on this evolving journey.

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Re-Imagining Our Footprint
Abrams Claghorn Gallery

Re-Imagining Our Footprint

Abrams Claghorn Gallery
Show Statement

As we move forward into 2021, the climate crisis becomes ever more urgent. Artists are by nature consumers of raw materials and makers of objects. There is a certain irony in making things to talk about overproduction, or in a painting about climate change when the paint is made of plastic.

We invited artists to respond to the following questions:

How can we be more responsible as individuals and as a society?

How can we as a society, and as artists, improve our environmental impact?

How do you envision our future environmental footprint?

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