My art reflects a lifetime immersed in visual and performing arts. My margin doodles have evolved into more deliberate pen and pencil drawings, which I incorporate into mixed media collages using foil, paper, photos and other intriguing found textures and colors. I embrace a varied, colorful aesthetic, inspired by intriguing interwoven patterns, puzzles, nature, gestures of dance, and improvisational jazz. Whimsical flora and fauna creatures, embedded in environments I call “paper quilt squares,” provide narrative commentary on current events and environmental issues. Each square has a story, and I invite you to look through the Gallery and visit my blog LA Art Notes” to find the stories behind the artworks.

Featured Works

Summer Shows

A Northern California
Women’s Caucus for
Art member exhibition

Project Gallery at Arc
1246 Folsom Street
San Francisco CA, 94103

June 17 – August 12

Urban Forest Illusion, 2023

Portals can be openings into new realities. They conjure images of liminality, shimmering lights, whirling openings to otherworldly realms, gateways that allow energy to pass between dimensions, or doorways for the world of matter to commune with spirit. In our day-to-day lives, a portal could have a magical or disorienting effect, perhaps causing us to forget why we entered in the first place. A portal may serve to bridge the gap between the perception of another and the reality of that other. Or, a portal might signify personal growth, self-actualization, or transcendence. For this exhibition, 92 NCWCA Artists delight and engage us with artwork that tells a story, invites the viewer into other realms, evokes transcendence, or inspires a good laugh.

Collage-a-Rama Exhibition

Project Gallery at Arc
1246 Folsom Street
San Francisco CA, 94103

April 15 – May 6, 2023

Opening Reception: Saturday, April 15, 7-9pm

Ever Present

Flight of Fancy

And a small work as part of
The Heartbeat Project

Celebrate the art of collage with collages made by local artists during the Collage-a-Rama collage-making sessions at Arc Gallery.

My works in the exhibition were created as part of Arc Gallery’s Collage-A-Rama collage making sessions.

Seen & Imagined

Gallery Route One
11101 Highway One, Ste. 1101
Point Reyes Station, CA 94956

February 18 – March 18

Reception: Saturday, February 18, 3 – 5 PM


A surreal juxtaposition of a little skunk on a step investigating a broken damask coffee cup. There is a certain olfactory kinship between the scent of coffee and the lingering spray of the skunk. I have had the image of the coffee cup, originally an ad for Colombian Coffee, in my collection for decades. Similarly, skunks are a familiar presence in my yard. One day, I found a little one dead on my front step. I have commemorated that sight with a collage including a blank postcard and actual coffee grounds to evoke these memories.

Original works: Pricing upon request

Archival prints: $95         Patchwork squares: $45         Other featured work: Price upon request

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