Fauna, Fish and Flight Gallery

Reflections Surprise, 2023

12in paper quilt square
Foil, tissue paper, found images, copper ring, fennel, small shells.

Created for a challenge on the theme of reflections, I am smitten with the little penguin walking through an abstract, reflective landscape, who is collaged with nesting materials including shells and seaweed (fennel stands in for the seaweed)


Ever Present, 2023

Mixed paper with redwood bark and gold ink.
12in paper quilt square

Somehow, this could never be a composition about adorable bunnies. Even while charming while grazing in a lush environment, a rabbit is forever alert to the dangers of predators. Here, both predator and prey exhibit their individual majesty.

This work will be on view at Arc Gallery’s annual “Cut to the Chase” Collage-A-Rama exhibition April 15-May 6, 2023. See Upcoming shows below for details.


She Soars, 2021

Mixed paper and foil with colored pencil drawing. 12in square. 12in x 12in paper quilt square

A swift flies through the clear sky with a glittery sun. Inspired by a work by Evangelina Miller in the NCWCA Art Tag “Journeys” series. 


Mixed papers and foil with colored pencil and pen drawing. 12in x 12in paper quilt square

In its sun-dappled watery home, an angel fish looks beseechingly upwards. Tear shaped drops evoke rain, as well as the ripples of light in a pool of water, emphasizing the urgent need for unspoiled aquatic worlds.

Watching the Seasons Change, 2022

Foil, paper, photo transfer, lace, pen drawing and redwood bark
12in x 12in paper quilt square

A cat, secure inside, regards the falling leaves and the view across the yard outside. There is a spooky house in the distance, the sky is cold, and the trees are bare. But there is a patch of sun, cozy lace curtains and a sturdy window perch. With lace, redwood bark, and gel-preserved Japanese maple leaves. The windy, wintery landscape hints at the winter solstice.

Riparians, 2022

Foil, paper, and rhinestone studded sheer fabric with pen drawings.
12in x 12in paper quilt square

Two blue cichlids calmly forage for food in the shallows of their river home.

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