She Soars

12″ x 12″

12in square, mixed media

Print available at abramsclaghorn.com.

A swift flies through the clear sky with a glittery sun. Inspired by a work by Evangelina Miller in the NCWCA Art Tag “Journeys” series. 

Original work SOLD!

Spooky Celestial Playground

12″ x 12″

Making art helps me process all that’s going on. This began with fire colors. And a fierce duck. With smoke and mesh and metal.

Fierce Duck

12″ x 12″

Making art helps me process all that’s going on. This began with fire colors. And a fierce duck. With smoke and mesh and metal.

Dream Summer

12″ x 12″

View from Above

12″ x 12″

A landscape with a river and fields made on crinkled aluminum foil, with ink, holographic stickers representing cities, and tissue paper for colors.

A Performance

10″ x 9″

Mixed media paper quilt in a shadow box frame. Three amorphous doodle figures dance on stage, each with its own colorful spotlight. The figures are traced in pen and ink on vellum, with origami, reflective, and tissue papers. Gold glitter covers the surface.


12″ x 6″

This work was a quick study in layers, made on a half sheet. I like the way the pinks and yellows evoke the earth of a meadow. Made with tissue paper, tulle, handmade paper, origami paper and glitter.

New Spring

12″ x 12″

The Seadragon figure moves through a landscape in his own spring spotlight. Made on crinkled aluminum foil with a foam outerlayer, sparkles, and ink.

Spring Day Journey

12″ x 12″

Like Meadowland, this work evokes a landscape with flowers and a whimsical sky. The sea dragon figure looks a little comical and over large on land. Made with mixed origami, tissue, and vellum papers. The detail provides a view of the textures.

Moving through life

12″ x 14″

A poignant work that was difficult to finish because I was worried about my dad’s heart health. The seadragon figure proceeds through a hoop with a sense of purpose. The glittery copper background supports architectural elements in black (screening and origami paper), red (handmade paper), and tissue paper plants with metallic finishes. Red is dad’s favorite color and also inescapably reminiscent of the heart and lifeblood.

Fairy Staircase

12″ x 12″

A very early work made in honor of my daughters. Triangular pieces within a wooden frame form the structure for five tiny toy fairies. It is swathed in pink and purple tulle for atmosphere.

Intrepid Traveler

14” x 12”

Made for my mother’s 80th birthday, mixed papers and vellum overlay with architectural figures and a whimsical little sailboat

Roses and Fishes

12″ x 12″

Made for Adriana, with mixed papers, natural elements, beads, glass, and two tattoo prototypes, a fish and a rose.

Leaves and Kites

12″ x 12″

Two works with origami papers, beads, and ribbons in wooden frames. Influenced by Japanese designs, this pair are among my earliest favorite works.