Messy Transitions, 2022

12in x 12in paper quilt square

A handful of fallen tree leaves–redwood, maple, crepe myrtle, lemon, and plum–is laid over a patchwork of tissue colored foil. Screening over the whole composition changes the light and sparkle. A fortuitous discovery of cut silver paper provides a path into the distance, a tree trunk, or a sideways broken vessel, depending on how you see it. Shiny silver leaves (or is it rain?) fall across the surface. 

In The Garden, 2022

12in x 12in paper quilt square

A whimsical garden scene as seen through lace curtains, using elements taken from the garden, including ferns, dried bougainvillea flowers and redwood bark with foil, mesh, glitter, and colored paper. 

Garden Shadows, 2022

12in x 12in paper quilt square

Built on a base of copper colored foil and embellished with colored paper, screening, and glitter, this work evokes fall colors and shadings of autumn.

Original works: Pricing upon request

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