Surreal and Imaginary Gallery

Becoming, 2023

12in paper quilt square
Foil, paper, flowers, and found images


The first of many collages featuring columns cut from calendar images, paired with nudes from a 1960s “Good Photography” journal.

On the Road/Dreamscape, 2023

12in paper quilt square
Foil, tissue paper, glitter, and found images.

Inspired by the prompt “on the road,” I turned to my dreams, which always feature travel and temporary lodgings. I follow along a road less traveled, passing confusing landscape features and encountering identical houses originally attached to lighthouses, clipped from a Via magazine.

Nostalgia/Olfactory, 2021

Paper and foil with found images and coffee grounds. 12in x 12in paper quilt square

A  little skunk investigates an oversized, damask coffee cup that has fallen on a step. The coffee cup image, originally an ad for Colombian Coffee, has been in my collection for decades. One day, a resident skunk died on my front step. Because there is a certain olfactory kinship between the scent of coffee and the lingering spray of the skunk, this collage commemorates these memories with a blank postcard and coffee grounds.

Field Dancer, 2021

Foil and paper with mesh, glitter, and pen drawing. 12in x 12in paper quilt square

She dances unabashedly through the meadows and fields.

She Stepped Out Into a Dream, 2021

Foil and paper with pen drawing. 12in x 12in paper quilt square

A mysterious dancer steps out onto the wing of an airplane over the landscape. 

Garden Parting, 2021

12in x 12in paper quilt square. Foil and paper with rose and geranium petals.

A whimsical couple secretly exchange love letters in the garden. 

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