Surreal and Imaginary Gallery

Spring Fantasy, 2023

12in paper quilt square

A story of transformation featuring a nude from a 1960s photography journal in a garden setting.

From Here to There/Dreamscape, 2023

12in paper quilt square

Dreams provide a portal into other realities. Every night, I travel from here to there, packing up and taking up new residences. Honestly, it’s exhausting. Here, louvered slices of landscape offer tantalizing, fragmented views as seen from a moving vehicle, while charming yet elusive, identical cottages both beckon and wave goodbye. The road is a branch that offers a direct route or the road less taken.

Nostalgia/Olfactory, 2021

Paper and foil with found images and coffee grounds. 12in x 12in paper quilt square

A  little skunk investigates an oversized, damask coffee cup that has fallen on a step. The coffee cup image, originally an ad for Colombian Coffee, has been in my collection for decades. One day, a resident skunk died on my front step. Because there is a certain olfactory kinship between the scent of coffee and the lingering spray of the skunk, this collage commemorates these memories with a blank postcard and coffee grounds.

Field Dancer, 2021

Foil and paper with mesh, glitter, and pen drawing. 12in x 12in paper quilt square

She dances unabashedly through the meadows and fields.

She Stepped Out Into a Dream, 2021

Foil and paper with pen drawing. 12in x 12in paper quilt square

A mysterious dancer steps out onto the wing of an airplane over the landscape. 

Garden Parting, 2021

12in x 12in paper quilt square. Foil and paper with rose and geranium petals.

A whimsical couple secretly exchange love letters in the garden. 

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