Beginnings are strangely quiet. Between the end of one
thing and the start of another, there is a stop-and-listen moment, a split-second acknowledgement of reality switching gears. This and now that. A rare glimpse of the passage of time.

Twenty five years ago, I brought home my firstborn. I clearly remember sitting in a chair and the following momentous silence as the awesome beginning of life as a parent dawned. Similarly now, there is silence as my long-standing professional identity slips away and I embrace a new way of being.

After this year of collective uncertainty, fear, grief and turmoil, I have the luck to nourish a sliver of optimism. My hope and belief is that there are creative people who will figure out how to handle the new environment, taking this moment as a challenge and an opportunity. Actually, we have no other choice but to ride the passage of time. Those who survive have the chance to shape a new reality.

I’ll track my perceptions of the new reality In this space. I invite you to come along in this unfolding of ideas and art. I promise colors, flora, and fauna; plus stories, creative sources, and work created in response to current events. I hope that you will enjoy and respond. I look forward to our exchanges.

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