Untitled 2023

A recent source for collage elements is an old photography magazine from the early 1960s containing black and white art photos of people and animals. Many of the photos feature nude models who fit the beauty aesthetic of the time…


The curators of Dollhouse: Art as Serious Play honored me with a request to create an art dollhouse from a pre-fab cardboard structure. Here is a little bit about my process It was so much fun!

World Making

Dollhouse: Art as Serious Play has deep personal resonance for me. I wrote this article for the exhibition catalog, as well as creating a new dollhouse for the exhibit at ARC Gallery Jan 15-Feb 19, 2022.

Jazz and Me

I was tempted to call this post “Doodlin’ Away,”* because my doodling and improvised jazz have been so intertwined with my life…


Beginnings are strangely quiet…